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D. Amar - President and CEO

Mr. Amar is the Company's founder, president and CEO. Mr. Amar has over 25 years of extensive experience in several exploration companies in British Columbia, Canada and South America.

Mr. Amar is also the President and CEO of GMR Global Mineral Resources Corp., and Great Canadian Mining Company Ltd.

Norbert Stocker, MBA – Director

Mr. Stocker is an international financial and business executive. Mr. Stocker is a partner with the Carraigmore Group of companies, a London based Private Equity Group, focusing on natural and renewable resource projects. Mr. Stocker's experience also includes several high-ranking positions in wealth management, investment advisory firms and investment banking companies. He has specialized in traditional investments and also has expertise with derivatives, securities and forex markets, both as a trader and money manager.

Mr. Stocker has worked as a senior executive with a wide range of companies including Swiss Bank Corp., where he served as Assistant Vice President, Head of Precious Metals in Canada and later held the same position for Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region. He has also worked at Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA (now Bank Julius Baer) in Geneva as VP of Special Projects and at Amirali Management Ltd. located in Dubai and the Bahamas, where he was co-founder and Wealth Management Advisor.

Mr. Stocker's skills and experience will allow North American Gold greater access to strategic partners and investors as well as provide world-class counsel regarding future financial transactions.

North American - Independent Qualified Person (QP)

John C. Archibald P.Geo.

John C. Archibald P.Geo. is the acting independent qualified person as defined by NI 43-101. Mr. Archibald's academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Geology with honours, from Carleton University - 1973 - H.B.Sc., Geol., a fellow in the Geological Association of Canada (FGAC) since 1982, past memberships in C.I.M.M., O.P.A., P.D.A.C., Cdn. Geotechnical Assoc., Ontario Association of Professional Geosciences - A.P.G.O., and 2 years. in Geological Engineering at U of T, Toronto 69-71.

Mr. Archibald's experience includes (but is not limited to): Working as a senior hydro-geologist and consulting exploration geologist (P.Geo., QP, APGO) carrying project supervision, site evaluations, environmental audits, Inspector for the Ontario Provincial abandoned mines program, plant design and supervision for mineral processing; junior resource financings, tailings evaluations, soil remediation programs and qualifying and 43-101 National Instrument report- writing

Mr. Archibald's work in the environmental field with a soil/water sampling company included geotechnical soil testing, soil profiling, environmental audit sampling and phase 1-2 environmental audits with major engineering firms across Canada. He also carried out environmental baseline studies, tailings impound studies, mine hazard identification and remediation.

Mr. Archibald has supervised the preparation of the scientific and technical information that forms the basis for the mineral property disclosures on this website and has approved the disclosure herein.